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This is all about our June 2013 Spain trip to the Costa Brava. The coach tour company offered excursions and the photos are from 3 of those.

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Gilly at one of the many churches. This one is the main church in Girona, Spain

Footbridge to old Girona. We noted no rubbish in the clear stream below.

This was the only busker (troubador) that we saw on this trip (Girona). He's standing outside the main church.

Residential Area of Giron viewed from the old city walls.

The tower of the old church of Girona.

Tossa de Mar village coffee shop overlooking the Med

Just downhill from the coffee shop was an old church ruin. The village had the new church in the center of Tossa de Mar

Barcelona Presidential Plaza. The royal main residence is in Madrid, so this is just a 'country home'.

Towers of the Barcelona presidential palace

Besalu old town bridge, now a footbridge. The tower holds the town gates

Road to Montserrat Monestary. The monestary was built into a cliff face.

Gilly at Montserrat plaza with hat bought in Besalu.

We had a very short time at Montserrat (one of our complaints). so we went to the museum

While they had many copies and a few masters, particularly of the Spanish artists, these were the ones we liked.

This winter scene is circa 1800, probably by a French artist. We bought a book, thinking the pictures would be identified, but they weren't..

Montserrat valley on our way back to the hotel at Calella, a beach town on the Med.