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Apologies for the white area around the pictures. I just bought Paintshop Pro and am still working my way through the software...maybe next year it'll be OK. Except for the Dog, Sasha, all of the pictures are from our trip to Southern France with Leger Holidays in the last days of April, 2012. Other than overnight stays in the outskirts of Paris, the coach holiday towns were Orange, Avignon, Marseilles, Cassis, Nimes, and Rocomadour. We went to the Black Hills of South Dakota in September, but forgot the camera. The only resolution we made from that trip (other than to not forget the camera), was to fly direct to some nearby city, and drive. Going through Chicago with United Airlines was a misery, and returning was worse (24 hours door to door).

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Woman's best friend...Sasha. As usual, she has the warmest spot in the house.

Gilly getting a wine lesson from one our fellow travelers in Avignon. The main street is full of outdoor restaurants

Avignon's Fortress Walls. In Medieval times this was the home for the Catholic Pope.

The French Army passing out medals to each other in Orange. Note the trumpeteers above the arched doorways. When the fanfare came, none of them started at the same time.

The event is in an old Roman Theatre in Orange, where they hold operas in the summertime. The stage holds a bunch of officials from God knows where.

Gilly in a Pram on our way to the Mediterranean beach at Cassis

Some unemployed actors at Cassis doing mimes. in front of Cassis harbour.

The mediterranean setting from a hilltop above Cassis.

Looking towards the hilltop in Cassis harbout.

Walking towards Pont du Gard near Avignon

Massive structure, whose sole purpose was (in Roman times, to carry water to Avignon.

Roman ampitheatre in Nimes. The gladiators and dead bodies were long gone.

Listening to the self guided tour headsets in the Nimes Ampitheatre

Fatso Al and traveling friend posting with a Matador statue. Please note Al does not have his hand touching the Matador

Main street in Rocomadour which was on the tour because it was quaint and cheap. In the end, it wasn't cheap, 'cause Gillian got a Rose Quartz ring (not a local stone)

The end of Main street in Rocomadour

Millau Viaduct sometimes called the bridge in the clouds. This was designed by Norman Foster, a British Architect, and holds a 4 lane highway.

Footings of the Viaduct ...they dwarf the buildings at the bottom of the valley


Just a small fixer-upper in Rocomadour