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This year...thanks to Sasha and other factors (see pics of Sasha in our Christmas Letter), we only went to the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura)in mid-February. The Canary islands are owned by Spain. Pics from the trip are below - These are Thumbnails...click on the picture to see the full image.:

Hotel Beach from our room. The water temperature would freeze the privates of a brass monkey.

Moving camera slightly to the right...the hotel grounds

Old git on Betencuria Pass Road

For some reason, these two statues represented two ancient warring factions on Fuerteventura. Why anybody would want to fight over Fuerteventura island is beyond me

Now she's stroking his leg. I think I saw the 'G' string twitch, but I might be wrong

The obligatory explanation as to what the statues are all about.

Betencuria town as seen from the pass.

Not your typical souvenir shop, and no sale as far as Al Wilson is concerned

That's our restaurant hidden behind all the flowers.

This is what the drive is all about. Good food, good wine and good company

Afterwards, a spot of tea at an outdoor cafe.

The brand of tea is 'Lord Nelson' tea. I couldn't quite get over the fact that the Spaniards hate Lord Nelson with a passion and here we're being served the unusual brand.

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